The Ups and Downs of Designing and Building Homes

Architect Jim McLaughlin has designed houses to suit a variety of landscapes across the United States and in foreign countries.

Builder David Lloyd, right, looks over building plans with Ian Sundby at a construction site in Ketchum.
Designing and building homes for clients in the Wood River Valley comes with particular challenges and hard-won rewards. The architecture and construction firms that won Best of the Valley awards this year shared some of the secrets of their success.

“We see very sophisticated clients with interest in a wide range of architectural styles,” said Latham. “They are seeking high-quality architectural design and planning that solves their needs and desires for family and friends in a seasonal alpine setting.”

He added, “Although RLB has demonstrated a diverse range of residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, we are probably best known for our regional Sun Valley projects, and for providing clients with exciting, creative, and unique design solutions.”

“More recently, people have been asking us to use natural materials in a more contemporary way. It makes our job challenging and fun to adapt to our environment in new ways. We have been fortunate to have designed homes all over the U.S., including Hawaii, and in New Zealand and Costa Rica, so we have all of those experiences which make us unique,” he said.

He said, “There are some clients that gravitate towards modern building forms while others are looking to fulfill their ski-chalet mountain-home vision. We strive to accomplish their goals with the efficient use of building materials, creating robust, well-insulated building envelopes. These design elements help to exceed an owner’s expectation of comfort and enjoyment of their homes.” Building lifestyles in Sun Valley | Features |