The Safety of Buildings is A Priority

Following the tragic events in London last week there has been interest about the safety of Auckland’s buildings and the council’s role in ensuring safety.

Auckland Council takes building safety very seriously. We would not allow buildings to remain a risk and unsafe to the public. When we are made aware of a building that may be unsafe, we always take appropriate action to ensure safety as a priority.

Every building owner is required to ensure their buildings are safe and compliant with the Building Code, and if there are compliance issues, they must work to address these.

Auckland Council can take enforcement action if we are notified that buildings are found to be unsafe, by issuing notices-to-fix, or in some cases, issuing dangerous or insanitary building notices.

Under the Building Act, we are obligated to give the property owner a period of time to fix issues. This could mean that parts of a building are not able to be used, or we need evidence that work is being undertaken to make repairs. Building safety a priority for Auckland Council | OurAuckland