Mexican Inspired Home A Work of Art

Welcome to a home in which minimalism has no place — where more is more, and color-soaked walls offer an instant pick-me-up. Inspired by the designs of Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, this home encapsulates an aesthetic that draws influence from Mexican modernism and the traditional elements of the homeowner’s Mexican heritage. It is as if the home’s designer, Beth Haley, took a glimpse into the homeowner’s very beautiful, very colorful mind and brought her thoughts to life in a way that honors the late Legorreta.

“His designs featured crisp, brightly colored spaces perfectly mixing the clean lines of modern design with the thick protective walls, gridded windows, grand airy spaces and the bold colors of his Mexican heritage,” Beth of Beth Haley Design says of Legorreta. It is these designs that fostered the homeowner’s love for the designer himself and thus inspired her to replicate his work in her home. “Additionally, Legorreta had a talent for mixing his client’s vision with his aesthetic,” Beth continues. “Our client also wanted to reflect her world travels, her Mexican heritage and her love of family and community while keeping the space casual.”

The result is the perfect blend of the homeowner’s love of the architecture of Ricardo Legorreta and of contemporary design. The two come together in a way that is playful but not lawless. The decorative contrast of the design elements, while simultaneously cohesive, result in an indisputable work of art. “We love the strong use of colors in this home,” Beth shares. “This is a residence that is not afraid of expressing itself, making the entire home feel cheerful, fun and artistic. It’s a pleasurable alternative to the trend of all-white spaces and neutral colors that clients often request.”

As is the case with most homes, this home’s kitchen is the heart of the space. “The homeowner’s love of cooking and spending time with her family is evident by the large, highly functioning kitchen,” Beth tells us. At the center of the kitchen is a large island, perfect for family members to gather ’round. There is even a dedicated play space for the children underneath the island, ensuring the little ones won’t wander too far while she is cooking. The kitchen is only one of the many spots in which to gather within the home as the entire house is interconnected with multiple gathering spaces. Bold Colors & Mexican Influences Make This Home a Work of Art!