Improving Productivity At Work And Lowers Real Estate Costs With Smart Buildings Technology

Workplace Fabric rolls out Freespace using Electric Imp’s platform for secure IoT connectivity to deliver real-time space availability and environmental insights.

LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electric Imp, a global platform provider for IoT secure connectivity and application middleware, today announced that London-based Workplace Fabric, a solution provider for the agile workplace, is using Electric Imp’s IoT connectivity platform to improve worker productivity and health for customers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Workplace Fabric’s flagship Freespace™ solution is a cloud-based analytics solution that analyzes real-time data collected from 1000s of sensors deployed across high rise and distributed office spaces to improve tenant satisfaction. Freespace addresses the challenges of the modern office, which is increasingly impacted by a more connected and mobile workforce that requires flexible spaces designed for collaboration.

“At any point, corporations or property owners using Workplace Fabric’s insights can see how their spaces are performing and react accordingly,” said Oliver Hutaff, COO/CFO at Electri

c Imp. “Bridging the gap between human actions and intelligent automation on a distributed scale clearly illustrates the value of IoT. We’re very pleased to work with Workplace Fabric so they can focus on creating the best agile workplace experience for their customers while we deliver the computational heavy lifting and certified-secure connectivity.”

“Freespace helps users discover the best suited available space across the office in real time while providing facility managers with the usage data they need to cut costs and improve tenant satisfaction,” said Raj Krishnamurthy, Chief Executive Officer of Workplace Fabric, who is a ten-year veteran of advanced analytics and information systems technologies.

“Our customers want immediate insights and great service. Freespace uses existing WiFi infrastructure and has an ultra-low network footprint. We have leveraged Electric Imp’s in-built security and device management to create a smart furniture platform to deliver contextual insights on availability, comfort and ambiance. Electric Imp has made it easier for us to hide the complexity from our customers while delivering capability to scale globally,” Krishnamurthy said. Improving Productivity At Work And Decreases Real Estate Costs With Smart Buildings Technology | Business Wire