Construction of Certified Wi-fi Smart Homes Starts

As new devices like smart thermostats, smart light bulbs and smart home controllers are added to the Wi-Fi network, that network becomes increasingly strapped for bandwidth. That’s why Lennar, in partnership with the Wi-Fi Alliance, is looking to begin construction on Wi-Fi Certified Homes.

The certification program was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide builders like Lennar with guidelines to ensure buyers have an exceptional Wi-Fi experience from the day they move in. Each home plan will be given a stamp of approval in the form of a Wi-Fi logo.

“Reliable whole-home Wi-Fi is as essential to the way people live today as central air conditioning,” says David J. Kaiserman, president, Lennar Ventures. “The inclusion of Wi-Fi will become the norm in homebuilding, and Lennar is leading the way.”

The guidelines define criteria for access point placement to eliminate dead spots and deliver strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house, including outdoors. To accomplish this, Lennar plans to install an enterprise-grade Ruckus Wi-Fi system and utilize the expertise of Ruckus to design a system tailored to each specific model of Lennar home.

“There is a lot of science that goes into integrating a strong, reliable Wi-Fi network into a home,” says Kaiserman. “You need to consider not only where the components of the system will be placed, but the construction materials and structure of the home.” Lennar Begins Construction on Wi-Fi Certified Smart Homes Powered by Ruckus, Amazon – CE Pro