An Offbeat and Green Home Design

Rising population, increasing urban density, limited budgets, expensive building costs, minimalism, green living trends… there are many reasons homeowners are now more open to the idea of offbeat architecture. Architects are also keeping pace with the concept by getting very creative with home design to meet the unique needs of their clients. Continue reading “An Offbeat and Green Home Design”

The Pleasure of Building More Affordable Homes

Chesterfield Housing Inc., a non-profit volunteer-driven division of the St. Vital-based Kinsmen Club of All Saints, is three months away from opening a brand-new 45-suite affordable housing unit that will be called Kinsmen Place, which is located adjacent to the organization’s other three buildings at 30 Chesterfield Ave. in St. Vital. Continue reading “The Pleasure of Building More Affordable Homes”

A Mega Project for Urban Neighbourhood to be Built Soon

It’s a development site that’s four times the size of the Honest Ed’s property, sits at the confluence of eight TTC and GO/Metrolinx commuter rail routes, and holds out the promise of improving the public realm at an intersection that has long held little truck for the needs of pedestrians. Continue reading “A Mega Project for Urban Neighbourhood to be Built Soon”

A Prefab Home Design for Revolution Precrafted

Revolution Precrafted, a company launched by developer and art collector Robbie Antonio in 2015, aims to democratize architecture by offering affordable designs for prefab homes and pavilions from over 40 world-renown architects including Kengo Kuma, Jean Nouvel, Kravitz Design, Zaha Hadid Architects, Sou Fujimoto and many more. Continue reading “A Prefab Home Design for Revolution Precrafted”