Can Terrorism Be Prevented with The Latest Architecture and Smart Design

London, Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Manchester and Nice – the list of cities hit by terrorism continues to grow by the month. While this has seen volumes of page space devoted to try and explain the reasons behind the carnage, scant attention has been given to the use of urban design as an anti-terror weapon. But what if we could use smart design and architectural innovation to help prevent this scourge? Could better urban design help in the fight against global terror? Continue reading “Can Terrorism Be Prevented with The Latest Architecture and Smart Design”

Introducing Cybersecurity Connected Solutions and Critical Infrastructures

Just appointed GM EMEA of commercial security, Goodfellow discusses synergies between Honeywell and Xtralis products (the latter acquired in 2016 by the former), new products, integrations with other vendors, cybersecurity and critical national infrastructure. Continue reading “Introducing Cybersecurity Connected Solutions and Critical Infrastructures”

Understanding the Definition of Smart Buildings

The methods we use to measure smart building performance are still immature and fragmented, writes Joseph Aamidor.

Like any solution sale, smart building vendors typically create detailed business cases to convince building owners and operators to make a purchase. In the past, these business cases were based primarily on energy savings. Over the past few years, there has been some push to quantify other bottom-line savings opportunities, such as reduced maintenance costs and avoided equipment replacement. Continue reading “Understanding the Definition of Smart Buildings”