A Traditional Victorian Home Architecture

The rear elevation. The landscaping is by Duane Ensing Landscape Design. A patio just below the kitchen level is one of four outdoor living spaces. “As soon as I walked onto the site—it was a vacant lot that was quite over-grown with blackberry bushes—I could see that it was a special lot,” says Miller, “and the right thing was going to work very well.” Continue reading “A Traditional Victorian Home Architecture”

Funding Apartment Renovations Using Tax Break

Kaylee Moutminy, a student at NHTI, outside the Riverbridge Apartments in Allenstown this week. Derry-based developer Al Croteau purchased the 41-unit Riverbridge Apartments that overlook the Suncook river in late April for $1.4 million and has since been busy rehabilitating the once-dilapidated building’s inside and outside. GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff Continue reading “Funding Apartment Renovations Using Tax Break”

New Renovations At Intelligentsia’s Historic Monadnock Cafe

Cafe remodels are a fact of life—provided your cafe has been around long enough to need one.

Age isn’t an issue for the Intelligentsia Coffee bar inside Chicago’s historic Monadnock Building. The site—once the world’s largest commercial office building—is located in Chicago’s South Loop area, and began construction in 1891 before undergoing an extensive interior renovation in 1938. Monadnock is today an icon among the city’s beloved historic buildings, part of an urban cultural identity that makes Chicago one of the most important architectural cities in the world. (And one of the sturdiest; walls supporting the north part of Monadnock are six feet thick!) Continue reading “New Renovations At Intelligentsia’s Historic Monadnock Cafe”

Keeping Up With Emerging Workplace Technology – Improve Your Culture

The thing I love about technology is that is constantly changing. New advances render old ones obsolete and inventive companies are always putting new spins on how solutions are implemented. This is also why tech can be incredibly frustrating. For someone that doesn’t have the time to keep up with the undulations of latest and greatest innovations, it can be a daunting task to figure out which offerings to choose. The poor people slated with choosing technologies to put into buildings have it even worse. The only thing that they can be sure of is that the structure will be around long after the tech has become outdated. Continue reading “Keeping Up With Emerging Workplace Technology – Improve Your Culture”