The Ups and Downs of Designing and Building Homes

Architect Jim McLaughlin has designed houses to suit a variety of landscapes across the United States and in foreign countries.

Builder David Lloyd, right, looks over building plans with Ian Sundby at a construction site in Ketchum.
Designing and building homes for clients in the Wood River Valley comes with particular challenges and hard-won rewards. The architecture and construction firms that won Best of the Valley awards this year shared some of the secrets of their success. Continue reading “The Ups and Downs of Designing and Building Homes”

An Architectural Identity Crisis

If there was one obvious criterion guiding the design of the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, which opened to the public in April near the eastern edge of Independence National Historical Park, it was that the building had to embody a certain Americanness: It had to look as though it belonged in a group of buildings hugely important to the country’s early history, including Independence Hall, Carpenters’ Hall and the Merchants’ Exchange. Continue reading “An Architectural Identity Crisis”