Amazing Makeover from A Garage to A Bedroom Suite

Of all the places to put up guests, the garage probably doesn’t spring to mind unless you’re the Dursleys or the Grinch. But what about after a garage makeover, in which a previously underutilized storage space is converted into a perfectly-appointed guest suite? With a beyond adorable attached washroom?

Now we’re talking. Pan right to this stunner of a project from Mark Lewis Interior Design (the man behind this revamped London loft): After renovating a client’s home in West Hampstead, London, Lewis and his team went on to convert a single-car garage, then heaping with junk, into a haven for the client’s guests. A small triangle of outdoor space right beside it—the kind of area that would be overlooked and unconsidered by many homeowners—was converted into an attached wash room, completing the suite.

“It’s a tiny little thing but it worked out perfectly,” Lewis says.

Just wide enough to fit a bed, the former garage looks like an A-frame cabin in the woods from the inside. An added skylight drops a beam of sunlight right on the duvet.

Decorative glassware lines the nearby shelf, which could be scooched to the side to make room for a book and reading glasses.

The vision: Maintain the look and feel of a garage from the outside, but transform the interior into a cozy sleeping nook. A “murky” color on the existing garage door was painted over with olive green, while a stud wall was added on its flip side for “security and thermal performance” (that is, to seal it shut). A shallow ledge topped off the new interior wall at about shoulder height—the perfect place to display a few bits of wispy glassware or, when guests stay over, an actual glass of water. The headboard is bumped right up against this wall—exactly where a car would have gone in the room’s former life.

Opposite the bed, a sliding door leads to the home’s back garden. New floors were installed, but the brick is original to the building.

An antique, wood-burning stove, salvaged from the home, was restored and installed to warm the space. This Garage Makeover (It’s Now a Bedroom Suite!) is Nuts | Architectural Digest