A Functional and Aesthetically-pleasing Space Design

Many would not be aware that twin girls do very much need their own space, but at the same time, they also need to stay close, thereby the challenge presented to the architects was to design a functional and aesthetically-pleasing space that is quite literally, two-halves of the same pod.


Twins can have differences too. In this case, one is more ordered, while the other more chaotic. Where one has chosen fish for wallpaper, the other seems to prefer the jungle theme.

To cater for this dichotomy of taste and temperament, physical time apart may well be warranted, if not explicitly advised.

Which is why the finished room has two doors that slide out, and one bedroom that is divided, if only for the sake of the preservation of parental sanity.

Taking inspiration from Rudolf Steiner’s ideas for Waldorf education, the connection here was the development of harmony between the approach to teaching applied visual arts – handwork and crafts – and the approach by which the forms and spaces of the surrounding classrooms were designed and built.

The same ideals were to guide both kinds of form-creating activity, all guided by the principles of what is known as ‘Organic Functionalism’. Twins’ pod cast from a functional plywood mould | Architecture And Design